Fucked and much more by my straight closest friend

That is likely to be a genuine story of mine with you all that I thought I would share. Hope you love.

Brian simply smiled and kinda laughed looking down I grabbed his cock with both hands feeling how warm it was and how it started to throb in my hands at me as. We stroked it gradually until We noticed a small amount of pre cum ooze through the tip and that is once I leaned in and took it into my lips experiencing the softness from it because it passed by my lips and over my tongue. “Oh damn” he groaned as I experienced the area experiencing my adrenaline going and started initially to try to suck him much better than we had ever sucked someone else. “Fuck that seems good, you done this before? ” he joked when I simply proceeded drawing perhaps not attempting to push my fortune and make sure he understands that I experienced in reality done this often times. I pulled my mind from their cock and spit regarding the tip of and started initially to get their shaft slick and nice before drawing it once more and stroke it when I did. ” Oh man that is fuck he groaned their mouth wide up and I also could tell he had been really enjoying and having involved with it.

We gradually took just as much of his cock into my lips he asked “Can I fuck your mouth? ” as I could before gagging when. “Yeah” we stated as he put his hand in the straight straight back of my mind and started initially to thrust their cock into my lips upwards. ” Oh man that is fuck he groaned slamming their cock to the straight straight straight back of my neck until he was hard as a rock and covered with my saliva. “I’ll screw you if you prefer” he stated when I grinned “If you desire” attempting to play along the fact that i must say i, really desired him to bang me personally. Continue reading