Feeling unwell after intercourse? health practitioners state it is an indication you shouldn’t ignore

Browse the qualified advice on exactly what to complete if you are feeling a little icky post-sex

Intercourse can make you experiencing numerous things—relaxed, content, sweaty, and quite often (a great deal of that time period) hungry.

But while experiencing all the thoughts post-sex and dealing up a perspiration or appetite is common, a few of the more real signs aren’t, and might suggest that it’s time for you yourself to book a trip to your GP.

Experiencing ill after intercourse is in fact a much more typical it’s a post-intercourse symptom that may be dangerous to ignore, warns Dr Shirin Lakhani, intimate health specialist at Elite Aesthetics than you think, however.

Shirin claims: ‘Nausea after intercourse affects both genders. Though it’s impractical to place a figure on how many women can be impacted, lots of people across the UK are relying on this.’

Read on to discover why precisely you’ve been queasy after intercourse and what direction to go to stop it, for good.

Have always been I queasy after sex because we’ve conceived?

There is certainly a (rather worrying) typical myth that feeling ill after intercourse is a sign which you’ve simply effectively conceived.

This is not true or physically possible in Shirin’s expert medical opinion. ‘Remember, it requires a lot longer than five full minutes for the semen to fertilise the egg and implant’, she says. Therefore if you’re feeling nauseous right after sex, no, it is perhaps maybe perhaps not an indicator that you’re newly pregnant, with no, it is perhaps not an indication that you’re enduring a miscarriage.

Why feeling that is you’re after intercourse

You’re maybe maybe not pregnant. Continue reading