ENTJ feminine married to INTJ male for approximately ten years.

I shall acknowledge between us, i will be more prone to harm their emotions and have always been being forced to discover ways to handle my messaging with softer language while he does just take more time to process their thoughts and deliver them in a less abrasive and harsh way.

Fundamentally, he could be assisting me personally to recognize and enhance that element of my character, he claims he really loves just how quickly I’m able to glance at a complex situation and widdle it down seriously to a simpleness which he didn’t see or would just take him quite a long time to see. He likes just how decisive i will be and exactly how eagerly we attack and solve challenges or at the very least get rid of solutions that are possible. Where he stews a lot much longer and is slow to determine and do something. I prefer exactly how thoughtful he’s and client in considering things. We sometimes check from following through usually with good food for thought to delay my action with him before I pull the trigger on something to make sure I’m not missing some risk he would think of and appreciate when he discourages me. We certainly balance one another away to see the most effective and worst of every other with great understanding and compassion. We’d this for previous lovers, though they simply didn’t realize us adequate to see and trust it. Continue reading