Ask the Builder. Older dimmers I have tried personally frightened me personally because the switch is quite hot to touch once they run.

Dimmer Change GUIDELINES

DEAR TIM: I would like to install several dimmer switches to manage light production. Do i want unique wiring to achieve this?

Older dimmers I have tried personally afraid me personally as the switch is quite hot to touch if they run. Are these plain things a fire risk?

Are there any specialty dimmers for specific lights or fixtures?

Is there some lights that do NOT make use of dimmers? Jo Anne C., Edison, NJ

DEAR JO ANNE: Light switches that are dimming not merely extremely safe, however the selection of sleek and efficient dimmers you can buy today is outstanding.

Fire Hazard Is Real

The only fire hazard you might introduce to your home while installing one would be failure, on your part, of reading and following any enclosed instructions in my opinion. We have installed dimmer switches for many years and never you have ever triggered a fire that is electrical.

Probably the most fire that is common by dimmer switches is placing a lot of energy through them. CLICK THE LINK to learn about a dimmer switch fire. A friend of mine nearly burned down their home as a result of an overheated and dimmer switch that is overtaxed.

Transform Electricity To Heat

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