Without a doubt about a hundred years of Hollywood Lesbians

Boze Hadleigh launched the cabinet on a number of Hollywood’s many famous lesbians. Twenty-three years later on, he is doing it once more.

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Boze Hadleigh’s 1994 guide Hollywood Lesbians (Barricade Books) slammed available the cabinet home on a number of Hollywood’s most well-known movie movie movie movie movie stars, including Barbara Stanwyck, Ann B. Davis, Agnes Moorehead, Edith Head, and Dame Judith Anderson.

Now Riverdale Avenue Books is posting an updated variation: Hollywood Lesbians: From Garbo to Foster, which provides us a uncommon, no-holds-barred assortment of exclusive interviews with icons — from the Golden chronilogical age of films and television most of the way into the movie movie movie movie stars we see dominating online streaming today. Continue reading