Bidet Maker Tushy Launching Cheek2Cheek, a Dating that is poop-Centric App

Tushy’s Butt-focused dating app Cheek2Cheek

Sooner or later throughout the last several years of application development, you’ve undoubtedly wondered whenever we’d achieve the inflection point of crazy promotional apps that straddle the line between self-promotion and standard functionality. These applications will often have attraction so long as a normal social media marketing development period rather than much beyond that. They work, serve an instantaneous, generally speaking ad function after which vanish to the void. Well, you can easily end wondering. The Cheek2Cheek software from Bidet maker Tushy completely encapsulates every thing fantastic and wrong about flash-in-the-pan applications.

Let’s set set up a baseline for what’s about to occur. Like a community we have been enthusiastic about

butts and poop.

Poop jokes are about since universal since the work it self. We send inside our waste materials for technology. We clog pipelines round the globe with this wish to have hygiene. Continue reading