This tale will be based upon interviews with more than 20 present and previous USC workers.

The University of Southern California’s student health clinic had one full-time gynecologist: Dr. George Tyndall for nearly 30 years. High and garrulous, he managed tens and thousands of feminine pupils, quite a few young adults visiting a gynecologist when it comes to very first time.

Few which lay out on Tyndall’s exam table in the Engemann scholar wellness Center understood which he was in fact accused continuously of misconduct toward youthful clients. The issues started within the 1990s, whenever co-workers alleged he had been incorrectly photographing students’ genitals. When you look at the years that followed, customers and staff that is nursing him time and time again of “creepy” behavior, including pressing ladies wrongly during pelvic examinations and making intimately suggestive remarks about their health.

In the past few years, some peers dreaded which he ended up being targeting the university’s growing population of Chinese pupils, which usually had a small knowledge of the English language and US health norms.

Still, Tyndall ended up being permitted to carry on exercising. It had been perhaps not until 2016, each time a frustrated nursing assistant moved into the university rape crisis center, which he had been suspended. Continue reading