59 pretty Girlfriend Memes that individuals Crazy in like Will Relate To pt.2

28) Funny gf memes.

“Me getting ready to inquire of my woman what’s incorrect.”

“Me as a gf: On a scale of 1-10, just how frustrated with me are you currently at this time? 8. I’m able to fare better than that.”

“Me. My family members whom ask me ‘do you’ve got a gf’ every time they see me personally.”

“Most crucial milestone is any relationship is whenever you are able to finally introduce your gf to your lady.”

“My gf. Me personally describing exactly just just how low priced the soda is. My gf telling me personally i ought to drink much more water. My dangerously dehydrated.”

“My mother: You’re a handsome man that is young why don’t you’ve got a gf? Continue reading