Jaime Lannister: A Dirtbag in Knight’s Armor? Share this tale

This is actually the relevant concern we should ask ourselves, given that Kingslayer trips south to Cersei while Brienne appears sobbing in a gown into the Winterfell lawn

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Whenever Samwell Tarly gets around to composing their part concerning the Battle of Winterfell’s great, postwar bacchanal, he can definitely observe that Jaime Lannister was recognized for slaying more than simply leaders. Of all chaotic, drunken hookups that occurred that evening, Jaime’s encounter with Brienne ended up being the shot that is longest. The 2 very very first found as sworn opponents and, after much provided traumatization, slowly forged a camaraderie that is cautious. But Jaime particularly never ever allow their real emotions be known—only because they encountered the likelihood of annihilation had he expressed an outward value and admiration on her behalf, with a holding, impromptu knighting ceremony. Any effort at additional closeness thought profoundly precarious, a communication balanced upon jagged piles of unforged dragonglass.

The struggle for Westeros continues and thus does #Talk The Thrones!

All of that is always to say that Tyrion’s infamous consuming online game ended up being an essential action to briefly leaving their particular hang-ups. Tipsy and relieved is live, they sat around snickering and exchanging secrets that are personal Tyrion guessed that Brienne had been a virgin and also the feeling changed. Continue reading