CS:GO for VR : Pavlov VR. if you have committed to WMR for the killer multiplayer first-person shooter experience

it’s not necessary to look any more than Pavlov VR. It’s built with a studio that is small clearly loves VR and plays a unique game. It has come a way that is long launch and it is nevertheless getting updates, delivering content that’s likened to Counter-Strike in VR. That is team-based action at its best.

RTS for VR : Skyworld

Not merely is WMR ideal for immersive first-person games, but it is additionally ideal for games that need a higher vantage point, just like the real-time strategy genre. Skyworld has a tabletop fantasy globe where you command forces on the battlefield as well as house and moves it successfully into VR. It is challenging, usually relaxing, and well worth your own time.

The Hot Undead : Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is just a shooter that is first-person plops you down in the exact middle of a sweltering desert following a zombie apocalypse. Continue reading