TravelPass enables you to simply take your talk, text and information with one to a lot more than 185 nations for a decreased day-to-day price

To find out more about utilizing your unit internationally, head to our Overseas Travel FAQs.

General Ideas

What exactly is TravelPass, where can it is used by me and exactly how much does it price?

TravelPass allows you to make use of your domestic talk, text and data* in a lot more than 185 nations outside of the US for a collection daily charge. You are able to phone in the national nation you are visiting and you will phone back into the usa. The cost is:

  • $5/day in Mexico and Canada
    • Take into account that calling, texting and data used in Mexico and Canada are included at no cost that is extra these domestic plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited , Above Unlimited and brand brand new Verizon Arrange shared data XL and XXL sizes. Above Unlimited additionally offers you 5 TravelPasses every month. Continue reading