How Exactly To Block A Webpage In Windows 7?

Looked at blocking a site in your windows 7 PC? It isn’t a rocket technology really which is an extremely easy task. right right Here we will show you the detail by detail procedure to block a web site in windows 7 Computer.

It really is apparent that often you ought to block a site for family security. Don’t stress. It is possible to block a site by editing your Host file. But before generally making any changes to your host’s file, be sure that you have actually supported within the original host’s file. This will be necessary because if any such thing goes wrong the backup can be used by you to replace the host file.

After using the backup stick to the procedure listed below to block a webpage in your windows computer.

Procedures To Block An Online Site In Windows 7:

Note: This guide shall focus on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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Step one: Tto begin you will need to locate your host’s file. To discover the hosts file go to C: -> windows System32 that is -> etc.

Step two: right right Here you’ll find a listing of files, find hosts file and right-click on it to look at set of solutions.

Step three: Now in the great outdoors with window select that is“Notepad click “OK“.

Step four: this may start up the host’s file in Notepad and you will certainly be in a position to modify it.

Action 5: within the host’s file, find localhost and put your cursor at the conclusion associated with the line and enter a brand new line. Within the brand new line enter the URL of this web site which should be obstructed. Prepend the Address with internet protocol address “” and just one space that is blank. Make certain you enter the URL without https://.

You are able to enter as numerous URLs while you want you need certainly to enter each URLs on a brand new line. Continue reading